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Former President Barack Obama: Obamacology. The word Obamacology, a portmanteau of Barack Obama and Chaturbate, was first used by The Oatmeal's Scott Rosenbaum on December 18, 2011, in a satirical comic about the Democratic Presidential Candidate. Imperium Obamacoloy (OBAMA) N1 (OBAMA) is a section of the United States military. The Obamacology is a theory that Barack Obama is a Secret Muslim using disinformation tactics to manipulate the masses to turn America into a Islamic state. During the 2008 Presidential election, this theory gained wide traction when right wing commentators began accusing Barack Obama of being a secret Muslim. Has Obama raised millions of dollars for Obama PAC? Officially, the Obama presidential election campaign will not report how much it raised or spent, but a close look at the numbers do not paint a pretty picture. On November 23, a day before the Iowa Caucuses, Obama reported raising $. There is no reason why the. Well here it is – Barack Obama, a socialist, a secret Muslim, and Barack obamacology born in Kenya, and his Kenyan parents, are one and the same person. He has never been an American citizen. He had been born in Kenya, the Republic of Kenya, and not the United States of America. What Obama was born on was an unverified birth certificate. Obama has said he was born in Hawaii, but that is the same as telling us you are from New Jersey. The entire world is now on notice that Obamacology has arrived. It is also noteworthy that only in his third year of life did Barack Obama begin to change his name from Barack Hussein Obama II to Barack Obama, the first American President born in Kenya, whose father was a Kenyan Muslim. In those first two years of life, Obama was not even an American citizen. From this we can safely conclude that the idea that Barack Obama was born in the United States was manufactured to enable the Democrat Party to have a hope of gaining the Presidency. In 2004, the first time Barack Obama ran for Congress in the Illinois Senate, he filed an Official Voter Registration Application showing his place of birth as Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children. It seems so strange, even odd, that a U. On August 5, Obamacology produced a second forged birth certificate, much larger than the first one. The birth certificate makes no mention of Obama's name, nor does it show any social security number



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Auto Data 3.39 Pl 2012 Torrent annchan

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